064-Natural treatment against typhoid fever

Typhoid fever, natural treatment of typhoid fever. Herbal tea cures typhoid fever in a short time. Please take this remedy seriously if you want to cure your typhoid fever permanently. Combine this remedy with all your typhoid fever treatments.

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Typhoid fever natural treatment typhoid fever natural remedy typhoid fever kl

The Natural Typhoid Fever Treatment is a herbal tea. It is the best recipe of the moment to cure typhoid fever naturally. The remedy cures typhoid fever and you should combine it with any medical treatment against the ailment.The Herbal Tea No. 064: Antibiotex F, natural treatment against typhoid fever cures typhoid fever in a short time. Even if you follow a conventional treatment of antibiotics against fever, it must be associated with the tea No. 64: Antibiotex F to facilitate the evacuation of microbes half dead or asleep. The drainage of toxins is necessary to ensure a complete and definitive cure without any risk of recurrence.

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Herbal Tea 064: Natural Treatment for Typhoid Fever

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Natural treatment against typhoid fever. It cures typhoid fever and you must combine it with any medical follow-up against the disease to ensure healing


Description of the Natural Remedy that Cures Typhoid Fever


NB: Herbal Tea No. 064: cures typhoid fever No need to worry about a permanent cure.

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African Herbal Tea N°064 : Antibiotex F, Typhoid Fever


-Powder in bag or jar of 50g


Anti-viral, antibiotic, antioxidant, depurative and diuretic plant extracts.

Active ingredients


A recipe that cures varicocele. Click on HEALING to discover the recipe

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Therapeutic Effects of Natural Typhoid Fever Remedy

How to cure typhoid fever naturally? What treatment? Herbal Tea N°064 : Antibiotex F is a gift of God with a formidable effectiveness against the Salmonella bacteria of typhoid fever. Herbal Tea No. 064: Antibiotex F by its composition is rich in active ingredients of proven effectiveness against the bacteria of typhoid fever. The Herbal Tea N°064 : Antibiotex F contains antioxidant elements, which protect the liver, while the other elements act on the bacteria, which ensures an immediate relief and a sure cure in a short time.  The depurative and diuretic elements of the Herbal Tea N°064 : Antibiotex F facilitate, the evacuation of the neutralized bacteria and toxins. If you suffer from typhoid fever, act quickly and place the order immediately. You are satisfied or refunded and you have nothing to lose. Whatever the treatment, it is always good to use a depurative tea to rid the body of germs and toxins

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Typhoid Fever Remedy Indications and Directions for Use
Typhoid fever, cirrhosis of the liver, etc.

 Directions for use:

Boil one tablespoon of the powder in one liter of water, let cool and strain. Keep in a cool place. Drink half a glass, 3 times a day. Add the juice of a ripe lemon to the intake. Three months of treatment renewable four to eight times. Healing guaranteed.

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NB: You need 4 sachets on average for one month of treatment.

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Natural Treatment against Typhoid Fever or a Recipe to Share


Simple recipe

Over 6 months take a decoction of polyltha longifolia leaves (100 g for one liter of water). Drink 3 cups per day

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-Antiviral tannins, antibacterial, depurative, antioxidant, etc.

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