Raynaud's disease natural remedy for Raynaud's syndrome. Raynaud's ailment is a disorder of finger irrigation described by Maurice Raynaud in 1862, which is why evil bears his name. The natural remedy Raynaud's disease is a warming ointment

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Raynaud's disease Natural remedy for Raynaud's syndrome


Raynaud's disease Natural remedy for Raynaud's syndrome. Raynaud's ailment is a disorder of finger irrigation described by Maurice Raynaud in 1862, which is why evil bears his name. The natural remedy Raynaud's disease is a warming ointment. Indeed, the heating balm facilitates blood circulation throughout the body and included the extremities in very cold weather. The ointment consists of essential plants and oils that activate blood circulation. The remedy protects against Raynaud's syndrome and prevents raynaud's phenomenon. It is useful as a curative and preventive measure in winter and in periods of intense cold. It works without territorial limit.

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Raynaud's Disease: Definition Causes Symptoms

Raynaud's disease is a temporary disorder of blood circulation that is handled by the cooling of the fingers, toes, lips, lobes, ears and nose. It manifests itself in the form of spasm, a sudden tightening of the arterioles (vasoconstriction), causing the cessation of blood circulation. During crises, these become white and insensitive, even blue and swollen, before returning to their normal appearance. At first, the affected parts change color, turn white, then blue to finally blush. We offer herbal teas 316 and 317 to defeat Raynaud's syndrome raynaud's phenomenon also called Raynaud's disease .

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The Balm That Fights and Protects Against Raynaud's Syndrome

Natural Pain Balm is an ointment against Rheumatism, Muscle Pain, Sinusitis, Sickle Cell Disease and many other forms of pain. It fights all kinds of pain, rheumatism, flu, sinusitis, seasickness, etc.  It is a 100% natural balm composed of plant essence with proven anti-inflammatory properties. You need to have this ointment at home. The remedy costs almost nothing. This balm is the ideal solution to all your muscle, nerve, joint pain, etc.


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White fingers, feeling numb... The return of cold marks in some women the return of Raynaud's syndrome or disease. What to do when it happens? When to consult? What are the causes? Answers with our expert doctor.

Raynaud's disease and Raynaud's syndrome


Raynaud's syndrome is a vasospasm localized to one or more fingers of the hand in response to cold or emotional stress. This leads to reversible discomfort and changes in the color of the integuments (pallor, cyanosis, erythema or their association). Sometimes other distal segments (e.g., nose, tongue) are affected. The disorder can be primitive or secondary. Theprimary form of Raynaud's syndrome is Raynaud's disease while the secondary form is Rénaud's phenomenon or simply Raynaud's syndrome.


Symptoms of Raynaud's disease

Raynaud's disease is caused by tingling, pulsation, numbness and loss of sensitivity. When Raynaud's syndrome reaches its apogee, the extremities of the body concerned are painful. There is a drop in temperature and emotional stress. You have to differentiate between Raynaud's syndrome and Raynaud's disease. The first is much more serious because it attacks, or even destroys, tissues and blood vessels while the second has no harmful effect on these vital organs.

Why Balm Works Against Raynaud's Phenomenon

The Balm consists of essential oils. It quickly warms its small extremities battered by the cold. Chili essential oil helps to ease your stiffening limbs. Thyme borneol and lemon essential oils have the power to speed up blood circulation. As for the essential oil of mandarin and lemon, they both have the benefit of reviving blood circulation.


Precautions for Use 

As the balm uses UV-sensitive citrus essential oils (lemon and mandarin), be careful not to immediately expose yourself to the sun. Putting children under 6 and pregnant women out of reach

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Technical sheet of the Balm Against Rénaud's Disease

Presentation of the Natural Pain Balm
• Ointment in 25ml jar
Composition of the Natural Pain Balm
-Plant essence, essential oil and plant extracts (neem, mint, camphor, cajeput, cloves, ginger, eucalyptus, etc.)
-olive oil, shea butter, petroleum jelly, nigella, etc.
Active ingredients of natural pain balm
Tannins, glycoside, methyl salicylate, black seed oil, vegetable essences etc.
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Simple instructions for use of Natural Pain Balm

-Massage, inhalation, rubbing, etc.
-Read the leaflet that accompanies the product.

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