Herbal Tea 326 - Clove Solution For Making Baby

Female fertility is linked to a woman's ovulation cycles. the ovulation cycle is the period during which sexual intercourse can lead to pregnancy under the normal conditions of the fertile period or fertility window.

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The Clove Solution To Make Baby Naturally is effective. Many women have experienced it and are mothers today. Some have even made twins with this remedy. If you want to get pregnant and have a baby, then you have come to the right place. Take your time and find out. Besides, the remedy is simple and every woman can replicate it at home to make baby. the clove alone or accompanied by 4 plants is enough to become a mother quickly. Clove treatment is safe with no negative effects and you will get pregnant naturally in just one cycle. The Natural Remedy is clove, akpi and gongoli is simple and easy to conceive in one cycle. Herbal Tea 326: Clove Solution To make a baby and become a Mother consists of clove, 4 side, Djèka, nep nep, kani and also Gongoli. The powerful clove solution remedy for getting pregnant that we offer you is the result of a long experimental research that has been very conclusive. Not only does the remedy unclog blocked fallopian tubes, it makes conception easier. It's really reassuring like spring water. Besides, Herbal Tea 326: Baby Clove Solution is easy to use

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What is Clove?
Precious dried fruit, known for its flavor in the kitchen, the clove is a fruit well used also in herbal medicine for its many benefits. It is the fruit of the clove tree. This tree is native to Indonesia and its fruit a universal panacea. Clove is involved in all areas of life. It has many virtues on human health. It is the head and tip shape of this fruit that gave it its name clove

Nonscientific: Syzygium aromaticum

Name in Benin= atikin gbadota

Name in Arabic: alqurnafil (كبش قرنفل )

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Clove Solution To Make Baby

Clove is a powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory with targeted action. Its active ingredient is “eugenol”. It defuses inflammation of the internal mucous membranes and poses no risk to the stomach. It can safely replace aspirin. Indeed, according to Franck Dubus (doctor in pharmacy) I quote "As soon as there is inflammation, there is production of free radicals in greater quantity. In addition the active principle (eugenol) of the clove, counteracts this peak ". In addition, cloves inhibit the transformation of certain fatty acids, essential for the production of inflammation mediators, prostaglandins. Thus it stops the production of these mediators, suppresses irritation and prevents the development of inflammation. Clove is a powerful remedy against the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (the bacterium responsible for stomach ulcers) and bad breath. Herbal Tea 326: Baby Clove Solution is available and also cures bad breath or halitosis

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Infertility and Clove Solution to Make Baby: Infertility Causes
There are many Factors Against Fertility.

- Anovulation or absence of ovulation or irregular menstrual cycle

- Tubal obstruction or blocked fallopian tubes

- Insufficient cervical mucus, necessary for the transfer of sperm to the egg.

- congenital uterine anomalies.

-Fibroids, Myoma, ovarian cyst or polyps.


-The absence of oocyte

- Disorders related to sexual intercourse.

-Alcoholism, smoking, drugs

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Details of the Clove Solution To Make Baby
Introducing Herbal Tea 326: Clove Solution To Make Baby

-Powder in transparent bag.

- Weight: 50g

Composition of Clove Solution To Make Baby Quickly

Cloves, 4 sides, ficus, fagara, securidaca longepedunculata

Active subtances

-Tannins, anti-inflammatory glycosides, anti-fibrinolytic eugenol, etc.

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Anovulation, dirty periods, painful periods, female infertility, early menopause, blocked tubes

Please find out the plant or remedy that kills Fibroids

Instructions for use: Read the instructions

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Clove To Make Baby and Become a Mother

The 4 sides Clove and Xylopia aethiopica are enough to unclog blocked tubes, boost fertility and facilitate conception. Thanks to the exceptional virtues they contain, these three fruits stimulate ovulation as well as regulate the hormonal system of women, (up to 64% increase in the possibility of ovulation in women over 35 years old ). The Organic Product 323: Clove and Female Fertility based on cloves, 4 sides, Kani (guinea pepper or sylopia) contains 3 other plants to perfect the action of the three fruits

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Clove Treatment For Conceiving
.Female fertility is linked to a woman's ovulation cycles. the ovulation cycle is the period during which sexual intercourse can lead to pregnancy under the normal conditions of the fertile period or fertility window. It should also be noted that the fertile period lasts an average of 5 days, from the 11th to the 14th day of periods in a woman who has a 28-day cycle. Everything becomes different when the woman carries a fibroid in her belly. Two key factors justify the risk of fibroids on fertility: The size of the fibroid and its location. Indeed, the larger the myoma, the higher the risk of infertility, not to mention the threats of miscarriage in the event of pregnancy. Factor number 2 is the location of the fibroid in the uterus. The location of the myoma or fibroma can prevent fertilization or proper attachment of the embryo.

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How To Make Baby With Clove: Contact Us

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A Clove Solution to Make Baby

Ingredients :

-41 Akpi

- 7 cloves

-2 fruits 4 sides (tetapleura or linja or esese)

-7 Guinea pepper (xylopia aethiopica)


-Make the ingredients into powder

-Add 1 liter of hot water

-Let cool completely, and strain.


--Purge every 2 days after your period until day 14 if your cycle is 28 days

- Drink half a glass, twice a day

Nb: Keep the purge for at least 20 minutes. It is important to stop everything in the middle of the cycle because the solution can make a fragile pregnancy go through

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Herbal Tea 326: Clove Solution To Make Baby

Clove Solution To make baby naturally. The recipe is simple and everyone can reproduce this at home to make baby

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