Herbal Tea 307 - Lipoma Lipoma Natural Treatment (Balm)

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Lipoma Lipoma Natural Treatment (Balm)


The lipoma is a ball of fat it is a benign tumor made up of fatty tissue. It is a fairly common pathology that affects both men and women, more rarely children. It can occur at any age but is more common after age 45. A Lipoma never turns into cancer but can be aesthetically embarrassing depending on the location. We offer you a balm to quickly dry out a lipoma naturally.

There are several kinds of lipomas but the most common is the subcutaneous lipoma which forms a ball under the skin: this "ball of fat" results from the multiplication (and proliferation) of fat cells whose role is to store fat. fats in the body. A lipoma can be on any part of the body: scalp, back, breast, arms, neck and even on the face. Lipomatosis is when a person has multiple lipomas on the body.  Please to join us

No in 80% of cases. However, experts estimate that this benign fatty tumor is painful in 20% of cases depending on its proximity to a richly nerved area.

Can a Lipoma BecomeCancer?

Lipoma is made of fat and almost never turns into cancer. However, a consultation with a dermatologist is necessary if the lipoma becomes painful, if it changes appearance (if it grows, if it changes color or if it deforms, for example), if it becomes hard to the touch, or if it becomes mobile (if it "rolls" under the fingers) or immobile (if it gives the impression of "sticking" to the tissues). The lipoma only becomes cancerous in very rare cases

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Herbal Tea 307: Lipoma Natural Lipoma Treatment (Balm)
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How to get rid of a lipoma or fat ball without surgery? A unique remedy and a unique herbal tea to eliminate a lump of fat

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How to Dry a Lipoma Lipoma Natural Treatment
Introducing Herbal Tea 307: Lipoma Lipoma Natural Treatment

Ointment in 25ml jar

Composition of Herbal Tea 307: Lipoma Lipoma Natural Treatment

- Plant extracts (neem, eucalyptus, lemon, securidaca, lantana camara, etc.)

- olive oil, shea butter, nigella,

Active ingredients of Herbal Tea 307: Lipoma Lipoma Natural Treatment

Tannins, heteroside, methyl salicylate, nigella oil, vegetable essences etc.

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How to Remove a Lipoma Lipoma Natural Treatment


How to Dry a Lipoma Lipoma Natural Treatment
Therapeutic Effects of Lipoma Lipoma Natural Treatment

Lipoma Natural Lipoma Treatment is a balm that removes fatty tissue from the body fat ball. Lipoma Natural Treatment Lipoma is a fat-puffing balm made from plants, clay and essential oils. The lipoma natural remedy dries up the lipoma or fat ball. It's a great fat binder

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Lipoma, Fat ball, Gynecomastia, Hypertrophy of male breasts

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 Lipoma Lipoma Natural Treatment (Balm)


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Simple Recipe for Drying Up a Lipoma
sage ointment
Add dried sage to neem oil or flaxseed oil.

Mix ½ to 1 teaspoon of dried sage with 2-3 tablespoons of neem oil or flaxseed oil.

Coat the lipoma with this balm.

Substitute 1-2 tablespoons of cooled green tea with neem oil or flaxseed oil to make a paste.

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