395-Gilbert's Syndrome Natural Treatment Gilbert's Syndrome

Gilbert's syndrome or Gilbert's disease, what a natural remedy for Gilbert's syndrome. Here is a new natural treatment to live better with Gilbert's disease. Discover here the plants that treat Gilbert's syndrome successfully. Gilbert Syndrome Natural Treatment Gilbert Syndrome

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Gilbert's Disease Natural Treatment Gilbert's Syndrome

Gilbert's syndrome or Gilbert's disease, what a natural remedy for Gilbert's syndrome. Here is a new natural treatment to live better with Gilbert's disease. Discover here the plants that treat Gilbert's syndrome successfully. The most common signs of pathology are: state of dehydration, lack of appetite, recurrent infection, depression, lack of sleep, insomnia, etc. There is no medical treatment for Gilbert's syndrome and the only hope against this genetic disease lies in plants. Thus we have developed the 395 herbal tea which purifies the liver and regulates the rate of the yellow pigment called bilirubin. The herbal tea is easy to drink and poses no risk to the reins

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Gilbert's syndrome or Gilbert's disease

Gilbert's syndrome or Gilbert's disease is an abnormality in liver function, leading to the presence of a toxic substance in the blood: bilirubin. This pathology is hereditary and genetic. This pathology is characterized by an abnormally high level of a toxic substance, bilirubin, within the body. This is then a situation of hyperbilirubinemia. The liver cannot fully process a compound called bilirubin.


What is bilirubin?

bilirubin is a bile pigment with a yellow-orange colour, produced by the degradation of hemoglobin, transformed in the liver and normally eliminated with the bile. It is produced when blood cells break down. bilirubin finds its way into the body when it undergoes a chemical reaction from the liver. In patients with Gilbert's disease, the level of bilirubin fluctuates is defined. In rarer cases, this level increases until it causes jaundice: yellowing of the skin and eyes

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Causes of disease

Gilbert's disease is a genetic disease. The patient with Gilbert's syndrome inherits the disease from at least one of his parents. This is because Gilbert's disease is caused by a mutation in a "UGT1A1" gene. This mutation leads your body to create less bilirubin-UGT, an enzyme that breaks down bilirubin. Without required amounts of this enzyme, your body cannot properly process bilirubin.

So your liver, which normally breaks down old red blood cells into compounds, including bilirubin, which are released in feces and urine, can no longer do so.

In addition, it should be known that Gilbert's syndrome is a hereditary disease therefore transmissible. If you suffer from it, then one of your parents suffered from it and passed on their genes to you.

Gilbert's Disease Symptoms


You should know that Gilbert's syndrome does not always cause visible symptoms such as jaundice. Patients with Gilbert's disease often present with characteristic symptoms, as well as episodes of jaundice. Clinical signs are most often associated with:

yellowing or yellowing of the skin and white parts of your eyes;
nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration
slight discomfort in the abdominal area;
depression ; stress, fatigue, insomnia
headaches with or without vomiting;
tingling in the hands or heart;
difficulty concentrating; panic attack ; easy fear, lack of self-confidence
hypoglycemia; bloating;
shortness of breath or labored breathing;
aching muscles, joint pain;
tingling, weakness; tingling
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Risk Factors Associated with Gilbert's Disease

If you have Gilbert's syndrome, you may notice these symptoms more if you do things that can further raise your bilirubin levels, such as:

experiencing emotional or physical stress;
exercise vigorously;
not eating for a long time;
not drinking enough water;
not getting enough sleep;
being ill or having an infection;
recovering from surgery;
exposure to cold

On the other hand, some people with Gilbert's syndrome also find that drinking alcohol makes their symptoms worse. For others, even a drink or two can make them sick soon after. Also, you might have what feels like a hangover for several days.

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Diagnosis of Gilbert's disease? Treatment Approach

Diagnosis of Gilbert's disease is made by carrying out a blood test, measuring the level of bilirubin and the functioning of the liver. Sometimes a genetic test can confirm the clinical diagnosis. Gilbert's disease cannot be cured medically and the only hope lies in medicinal plants. It is a disease that lasts for the entire life of the patient. However, health problems related to Gilbert's disease are rare. In some cases, the most important complications are related to the development of hepatic (liver) pathologies

Nor is it necessary to change your eating habits or reduce your usual physical activity. The eviction of stressful situations, dehydration, fasting, is however advised


Herbal Tea 395: Gilbert Syndrome Natural Treatment Gilbert Syndrome

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Gilbert's Syndrome Treatment Gilbert's Syndrome Natural Remedy. Please discover the plants that cure hereditary diseases

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Gilbert's Disease Natural Treatment Gilbert's Syndrome

Presentation of the Gilbert Syndrome Natural Remedy

-Powder in 50g sachet.


-Organic plant extracts, antioxidants, depuratives and diuretics (fagara, lannea acida, securidaca, Pterocarpus ericnaceus, aframomum meleguetta, etc.).

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Duration of treatment with Gilbert's Syndrome Natural Remedy: 3 months renewable

Price of the 3-month Treatment with Gilbert's Syndrome Natural Remedy: 500 €

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NB: The herbal tea purifies the liver and lowers the level of bilirubin in the body. 

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Recommendations for Gilbert's Syndrome

Most cases of Gilbert's syndrome do not require treatment. However, if you start having significant symptoms, including fatigue or nausea, you should consider seeing a doctor or professional. There are also several lifestyle changes you can make to help prevent symptoms, including:

Get plenty of sleep: Aim to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Follow a consistent routine as closely as possible;
Avoid long periods of intense exercise: Keep intense workouts short (less than 10 minutes). Aim to get at least 30 minutes of light to moderate exercise each day;
Stay well hydrated: This is especially important during exercise, hot weather, and illness;
Try relaxation techniques to deal with stress: Listen to music, meditate, do yoga, or try other activities that help you relax;
Eat a balanced diet: Eat regularly, do not skip meals, or follow any diet that recommends fasting or eating only small amounts of calories;
Limit your alcohol intake: If you have liver disease, it is best to avoid alcohol. However, if you drink, consider limiting yourself to just a few drinks per month.
To maintain a healthy liver and prevent bilirubin levels from rising, experts recommend following a balanced diet (low in fat and rich in vegetables), adequate hydration . 

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