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Best Natural Remedy Male Anorgasmia Male Sexual Health by plants that boost orgasm in men.. Here you will find medicinal plants good for orgasm

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Herbal Tea 376: Best Natural Treatment Male Anorgasme

 Frigidity, absence of orgasm, what treatment to achieve orgasm. Here is the Best Male Anorgasmia Natural Remedy for Anorgasmia


Frigidity Anorgasmia Which Natural Treatment For Anorgasmia?

You are a man or a woman and you have a concern to enjoy sex, then you are very close to the goal. If you have difficulty reaching orgasm, then the solution is available for you. Treatment for anorgasmia is available and will come to you. But, it is important to choose our therapy that will help you get out of trouble. Please answer a few questions: Have problems with sexual enjoyment always happened or have they started recently? Do they appear during sex with a particular partner? Or at certain times in your life? Is it hard to reach orgasm all the time or once in a while? Do I suffer from anorgasmia or dysorgasmia

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 What is Orgasm? What is Anorgasmia and Dysorgasmia


Orgasm is a sensation of intense and transient pleasure that creates a modified state of consciousness accompanied by involuntary contractions of the perineal musculature (especially anal). In men, orgasm often accompanies ejaculation with intense relaxation. On the other hand, in women, orgasm is often accompanied by uterine contractions. Disorders of orgasm (dysorgasmia) include anorgasmia (absence of orgasm).


Anorgasmia and Dysorgasmia

Anorgasmia refers to the inability to reach orgasm while dysorgasmia is a disorder of orgasm. Dysorgasmia can be primary (forever) or secondary (after a period without difficulties) as well as anorgasmia. It can also be generalized (in all situations) or situational (in certain situations). primary situational anorgasmia


Anorgasmia Frigidity Best Natural Remedy Male Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia (also called anejaculation without orgasm) is a sexual disorder characterized by the inability to achieve orgasm. It concerns both sexes (Man and Woman). Although the person experiences excitement and pleasure during sexual intercourse, this does not allow reaching the stage of orgasm (not to be confused with anaphrodisia, where in this case the person does not feel sexual desire or pleasure). This disease affects a majority of women, but also men. Naturally, women take longer to reach orgasm than men. The causes are other psychological, medical and sometimes organic. Thus, male anorgasmia is the persistent inability of a man to have an orgasm, even after sufficient sexual stimulation. Anorgasmia is not a fatality. The best herbal teas are herbal teas 027 028 and 072

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Anorgasmia Treatment Best Natural Cure Male Anorgasmia

 Types of Anorgasmia

Male anorgasmia is defined as the absence of ejaculation during intercourse. Delayed, hard-to-reach orgasm is a minor form of anorgasmia. Anorgasmia is primary or secondary. It is primary if the subject has never experienced orgasm during his life, and secondary if it appears suddenly during existence. Anorgasmia is not a fatality and can be completely cured, thanks to natural solutions you will get out of this difficulty in enjoying sex

What Causes Male Anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia is the inability of a man to achieve orgasm, that's to say. to ejaculate. The causes are are psychological, physiological, drug or associated with systemic diseases. Orgasm is defined as the moments of greatest sexual excitement accompanied by a strong feeling of pleasure. Orgasm is usually followed by intercourse, but it can also occur during masturbation. Many different myths appeared around the climax. It should be known, for example, that orgasms, seen in adult films and accompanied by loud cries of pleasure, are rare. The drugs that are on the market only fight the symptoms of anorgasmia, rather than eradicating it at the source

Causes of Anorgasmia and Dysorgasmia

You are a man and you do not enjoy. Likewise you are a woman and you do not reach orgasm perhaps because of a traumatic psychological injury. Indeed, anorgasmia can occur following an experience of traumatic events related to sexuality. these are mainly sexual harassment or being the victim of rape), mental disorders (anorgasmia can appear, among others, during depressive disorders and anxiety disorders), education (difficulties of enjoyment can occur, among others , in people who were presented with sex as something totally bad or outrageous in childhood), systemic diseases (such as, for example, multiple sclerosis or diabetes),

Remedy for Anorgasmia Best Male Anorgasmia Treatment

1. Explore the physical, physiological and medical causes with your doctor If there is a physical or organic problem behind your anorgasmia, your doctor can help you find solutions - for example, adjusting medications, receiving estrogen therapy (via a pill, patch, or gel), or addressing psychological issues such as stress, depression or anxiety.

2. Think about your relationship with sex. Do you have a strained relationship with sex? For example, maybe you grew up in a culture where sex was discouraged and you feel guilt or stress about being sexual. Or maybe you've had some pretty negative sex or trauma in the past that you feel has affected your approach to sex today. Or maybe sex usually makes you nervous, anxious, or stressed for some reason. Having these negative feelings around sex can definitely interfere with the pleasure you feel during it.

3. Think about your relationship with your body. Your relationship with your body affects your sex life. Research has found a link between body image and sexual pleasure, and it's not just women who manage their body awareness. Men's insecurities about penis size and body size can also interfere with their ability to focus on pleasure. If you have a lot of anxiety about your body or don't feel particularly connected to your body, this may be an area to work on.

4. Reflect on your relationship with your partner. It can sometimes be difficult to reach orgasm and enjoy sex with your partner if you are not completely comfortable with him or if you have lingering problems in your relationship. Even relationship problems that aren't sex-related at all (for example, fighting over household chores, being too busy to spend time with each other, or feeling disrespected by your partner) can affect your ability to concentrate and cum during sex. Take the time to figure out if there are any lingering tensions in your relationship that haven't been resolved, and see if finding a better place with your partner might help you achieve orgasm. (Or have a new partner!)

5. Experiment with toys and erotica. Spend some time getting to know your body and your erotic self, especially if you haven't done so before or in a while. "It's not uncommon for orgasms to change over time and with age," says Fogel Mersy. “Sometimes the type of stimulation that used to work best may no longer seem adequate. It is helpful to take the time to practice different methods of self-stimulation to learn what works best for your body at any given time. sex toys can be helpful in intensifying pleasure and sensations during sexual activity.

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Anorgasmia Dysorgasmia Sexual Disorder Treatment

Treatment For Anorgasmia Fact Sheet


Presentation of the Anorgasmia Natural Remedy

-Powder in sachet of 50 g.

Composition of the Anorgasmia Natural Treatment

- Plant extracts

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Indication: Anorgasmia, Dysorgasmia, Frigidity, Sexual disorder, Sexual breakdown

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Sexual Disorder Natural Remedy Natural Treatment For Anorgasmia

The herbal tea that cures anorgasmia consists of plants that are known to provide long-lasting and the most extreme sexual pleasure. These plants stimulate the interstitial Leydig cells (testicular cells) which secrete the male hormone: testosterone. Herbal tea is available. However, it is of paramount importance to adopt a more hygienic lifestyle which is mainly based on three points: a balanced diet, physical exercise and better stress management.

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Purpose of Male Anorgasmia Natural Remedy

An interview with our experts will be useful in order to take better care of you. This will allow us to follow the recovery process of your orgasmic moments. You will have the support that best suits your personal case. Be sure! It is the best natural herbal remedy for anorgasmia.


The duration of treatment for anorgasmia is 2 months. Once your expectations are met, you can reduce the dose. However, we advise you not to stop the treatment immediately after the symptoms have stopped. Wait a few weeks for your body to fully adapt. And above all, keep good habits.