Treatment of luteinized follicle syndrome


Most causes of infertility in both men and women are due to idiopathic or unexplained causes. Among them, we have luteinized follicular syndrome (LUFS). Our article will mainly focus on the meaning, treatment, causes and prevention of LUFS.

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In addition, acupuncture therapy or acupuncture along with adjacent Chinese herbs helped to induce LH surge, improve ovarian artery blood perforation and induce ovulation; all more effective than clomifene or hCG injections.

Researchers observed no side effects resulting from acupuncture or/and Luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome (LUFS) is an ovulation dysfunction that is common in women being treated for infertility, although relatively few practitioners are aware of its significance. This article describes herbal treatment and acupuncture.


There are several methods to improve LUFS conditions, including herbs and acupuncture. Herbs that have invigorating/moving blood or penetrating are normally selected in combination with other symptoms.

A review of recent literature on the effect of acupuncture on LUFS was published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science. What if offers a safe and effective alternative. 29 Chinese studies were included in the review. Researchers found that acupuncture improved ovulation and pregnancy rates and was more effective than standard drug treatment.

Patients received standard electroacupuncture, ear, or acupuncture sessions and, according to research, all showed statistical differences from standard medication prescriptions. s Chinese herbs. The results of the effectiveness of acupuncture for LUFS are encouraging. However, most of the studies reviewed had small numbers of participants or had other methodological flaws.

Further, appropriately designed randomized controlled trials are needed to confirm encouraging results.

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Luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome occurs when the dominant ovarian follicle does not rupture. When a woman has regular cycles, in more than 95% of cases, this is a sign of regular ovulation. Most tests used to confirm ovulation only document hormonal changes.

It can also be due to: Egg trapped syndrome or LUFS seems to occur more frequently in women taking fertility drugs and in women who have had the pelvic inflammatory disease. Also, it is commonly seen in patients with PCOD and endometriosis


There is no clear prevention for LUFS to occur. On the other hand, the quality of the diet has a fairly significant impact on the body's hormonal balance, including the production of progesterone. Proper fatty acid supplementation can help maintain the balance of progesterone in the body.

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