The four stages of well-being

The four stages of well-being

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The four stages of well-being.



The first cause of the disease is an incorrect way of life, poor diet, polluted environment, poor elimination of waste and toxins, and lack of physical, mental and spiritual exercise, we must pay attention to our way of living and our way of eating. Detoxification or elimination is a very important factor and our parents knew this so well that every two or three months they subjected all children to purgative and diuretic herbal teas to purify the organism of each child. . Indeed, even if we have the impression of going to the toilet regularly, there are always remains (waste, toxins, etc.) in the colon and the bladder, in the blood and the organs. and body cells. We Africans had lost many good habits in our way of life due to modernization and globalization. Nowadays, we no longer take enough time for our inner world.

Now, after detoxification, it is necessary to regulate and replenish the body with food supplements (micronutrients) to allow it to leave again well refreshed.

Since the land is well sanitized, you are prepared to face many diseases by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

From this point of view, in the face of a chronic illness, we have four steps to follow:

1-Detoxification, elimination, drainage or purification

With a 3-week course of Africa-herbal tea powder N°3: Chito-chito, Africa-herbal tea powder

N°2: Moringa and depurative herbal tea N°51, you will slowly and surely get rid of toxins and waste that poison your body. You can compose it yourself from the formulas that you will see on the site, taking into account the main organs of purification (liver, kidney, skin, lungs, colon, etc.).

2-Regulation and replenishment

It is advisable to replace the toxins eliminated by micronutrients (mineral salts, vitamins, trace elements) which are lacking in your body. Food supplements will come to this end to fill our food deficiencies and the centre has many organic food supplements for this purpose.

3- Curative care

Now that the ground is cleansed, you have almost healed otherwise the medicines or herbal teas will help the body to quickly recover by the healing power that nature has given it. Sometimes the body needs to be helped and we should not hesitate to take medicines or herbal teas from good sources but without abuse.

Nowadays, there are a lot of fake medicines and everyone should be careful and not drink anything.


3-Prevention Once healed

you should adopt a healthy lifestyle to better fight future illnesses. NB: Once a month, take a purifying herbal tea to detoxify yourself. You have many formulas on the site and you just need to combine a few laxative, diuretic and hepatic plants in decoction.

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