Natural herbal tea against hypochondria

Hypochondriasis is a disease related to the mind and psychological disorders.

The best way to get relief from this ailment is to treat it with herbal tea.

Our herbal tea works effectively in a short time. It is one of the best remedies to end all kinds of mental problems, especially hypochondria. It is a relaxant, an antidepressant, and a psychotropic, which nourishes the brain, and provides restful sleep. Read till the end to learn more about our natural herbal tea and more details about other herbal teas.

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Written and edited by DJIMA Rachidatou on 25/07/2022

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Other related herbal teas Kava for hypochondria  Kava is a shrub, it is an evergreen, and it grows up to 2M in a tropical climate.

The shrub is the best plant for anxiety. It contains kavalactones and cinnamic acid.

It is also an antispasmodic, analgesic, relaxant and anaesthetic.


For anxiety Prepare the root decoction.

Drink once a day Caution:

Avoid high doses. This can lead to toxicity.

For hypochondria

Prepare a decoction from dried kava roots and a cup of hot water.

Drink it three times a day. kava leaves Valerian for hypochondria HTTP: // Valerian is a flowering plant, perennial. It grows in a temperate climate and reaches 2 M.

It contains alkaloids, azulene and beta-carotene.

It acts as a sedative, antidepressant, alterative relaxant and analgesic.


Prepare a decoction from dried valerian roots and a cup of hot water.

Drink it twice a day. you may also like Djeka a natural plant with many virtues.

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Details on hypochondria Hypochondriasis is a disease of the mind also called health anxiety or phobia.

It is a psychological disorder or a problem with the mind.

In this, a person becomes obsessed and always worries about his health.

He still thinks he is sick and has a serious illness.

But in reality, he is not sick. It's just his belief. This fear does not allow him to carry out his daily tasks. Among the symptoms of hypochondria we have: are frustration, irritation, fatigue, stress and muscle pain. The main cause of this disease is psychological. It is important to treat it as soon as possible otherwise it can lead to depression.


Our herbal tea is made from organic and trusted sources.

The herbal tea is simple, practical and treats the evil at the root.

It has proven effective and works in a short time.

Natural herbal tea is also indicated to treat schizophrenia,

bipolar disorder,

mental intoxication,


anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness.

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Written and edited by DJIMA Rachidatou on 25/07/2022

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