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Definition of Lipomatosis

Lipomatosis, a benign tumour resulting in an increase in the mass and number of fat cells

Lipomatosis is a disease that manifests itself by the appearance of multiple lumpy swellings under the skin. These are lipomas, which are most often benign tumours, caused, depending on the case, by an exaggeration in the number or size of fat cells. They can sit under the skin or in the muscles but can also invade certain organs such as the liver, stomach, small intestine or even the brain.

This pathology can be acquired by heredity. It is rare but can affect both men and women. Although most cases also concern adults between the ages of 45 and 60, the condition does not spare other age groups, including young children.

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Causes of Lipomatosis

The only factor is currently known to cause lipoma proliferation is heredity. Other factors also seem to favour the onset of the disease. These factors include:

Age. The risk of multiple subcutaneous lipomas appearing is higher from the age of 40. This is explained in particular by the relaxation of the skin and muscle tissues;

Obesity. Lipomas are more common in overweight subjects;

Physical inactivity. The lack of physical exercise promotes the storage of fat in the various tissues of the body;

Unhealthy eating habits, particularly high in fat and sugar;

Alcoholism. This is a factor recognized as being able to trigger the onset of lipomatosis.



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Manifestations of lipomatosis

This rare and often harmless disease can be recognized by the appearance under the skin of multiple balls, presenting certain characteristics:

  • Soft;
  • Flexible;
  • Painful or not depending on the case;
  • Inconvenient or not depending on the location;

Present on various areas of the body including the neck, arms, thighs, stomach and back. The face, shoulders and buttocks are exceptionally affected

Associated with lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes).

The two categories of lipomatosis

Lipomatosis is due to an increase in the number of lipomas. This is the case with familial multiple lipomatosis. Swellings can measure in this category at most 5 cm and are most often located on the arms and thighs. They mainly concern young adults;

Lipomatosis is caused by the gigantism of lipomas. This is particularly the case for Dercum's disease, which affects obese women in their fifties. The belly, thighs and arms are the most invaded by swollen fat cells. Launois Bensaude's pathology is manifested by the presence of lipomas on the neck and back of adult men, which can give the appearance of a bump.

Treatments for Lipomatosis

Certain treatments are known to be able to cure lipomatosis.

No treatment is usually necessary since these are benign tumours that may even disappear on their own after a while. However, treatments including excision and liposuction are recommended if the lipomas are painful or bulky. If the first is recognized by various studies as effective in treating cases of multiple familial lipomatosis, the second seems to be the best treatment in the case of large lipomas.

As explained on the cancer page, bromelain proves to be the most indicated natural treatment in this case.

According to some scientific studies, guarana is one of the best allies for burning excess fat. This is explained in particular by the guaranine that the plant contains which is recognized as being able to boost the basic metabolism;

Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, artichoke can help eliminate excess cholesterol and other fatty substances in the body (3);

Various observations further conclude on the effectiveness of berberine extracts in reducing weight. One of these states, among other things, that obese subjects subjected to a certain daily dose of berberine saw their body fat reduced by up to more than 3% in 12 weeks. This study was, in particular, carried out without any modification in the diet of the people studied.

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